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Bloginfluence – Measuring How Influential Your Weblog May Be. Or not

It looks like there have been some folks who have been already weblogging about a new lovely offering for webloggers out there and which will help them measure how influential they may potentially be. The new offering is called Bloginfluence and can be accessed from here. It is amazing to be able to witness the huge amount of different tools that are coming out in the Web 2.0 space meant for webloggers. Examples like CoComment, MyComments, Peoplefeeds, Suprglu, Technorati’s Favourites, Egosurf, Opinmind, and a whole bunch more that I am sure I am leaving out would be just a few to name. Yet, it looks like the list continues to grow and the latest offering available is this quite interesting Bloginfluence.

Through this new web offering you would be able to find out how influential your weblog (And yourself) may be by just entering your weblog URL and letting it get measured against a number of different resources, going from Technorati, to Yahoo!, BlogLines (Although this one does not seem to be working at the moment of writing this weblog post), Google Page Rank and finishing off with a whole bunch of goodies like some Graphs or some further Buzz from other popular resources like Google Blog Search, IceRocket, Ask.com, etc.

As I have already indicated in previous weblog posts, the purpose of this weblog has never been trying to get more weblog traffic than anything else. On the contrary, it is meant to be part of the conversation on those topics that are of interest to me and perhaps because of that I am finding Bloginfluence rather an interesting offering worth while trying, more than anything else from the perspective of helping webloggers find other voices out there on those same related topics and engage with them in those conversations I just mentioned above.

Also another feature I like about this particular offering is the fact that over time you would be able to measure how your own weblog will start having a stronger voice out there in the Blogosphere. So in principle you would be able to see what your weblog influence is right now, then again some time in the future and so forth. Perhaps a good way to help you find out if you are on track or not with the main purpose your own weblog(s).

Thus with all that said and just in case you may be wondering here you have got my Bloginfluence at the time of writing this particular weblog post:

My influence


Yes, I know, a long way to go, indeed, if you compare it with others, but equally exciting and good challenge to keep up with it over the next few months. Let’s see how it will go further.

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  1. Hello Axel and welcome to elsua! Thanks much for dropping by and for the feedback comments!

    Well, Axel, it basically means I need to do some more work on increasing my own weblog’s influence out there in the Blogosphere, specially it you compare it to others like Slashdot, for instance, with 3589518. Not something that I am really desperate about since I know it takes quite some time and lots of good conversations so I will have to keep steady and see how it goes.

    Like, for instance, checking it out today it looks like it has gone up a bit again:

    My influence


    So as you can see slowly but steadily it is continuing to go up and hopefully it will continue to be like that as I move along with it. Thanks again for the feedback !

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