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Free iPod Video Converter – Take Your Learning with You Wherever You May Go!

It has been a little while since I have last weblogged about some interesting knowledge, collaboration and productivity tools, specially those who may help increase our knowledge skills, so I thought I would just share with you a nice tool I bumped into earlier on today thanks to one of my colleagues, Stefano. We had a conversation earlier on where he mentioned how he has been watching some of the different screencasts that I get to publish internally on a daily basis where I mainly focus on introducing people to knowledge and collaboration tools and he was suggesting if I could share those screencasts in .AVI format as opposed to making them available as streaming video.

At the beginning I was a bit curious about why he would want to have in AVI format all of the screencasts that I have been creating and then he just shared with me this gem: Free iPod Video Converter. What an incredible piece of freeware, folks! Stefano explained to me how he managed to get an .AVI file from one of the screencasts I did in the recent past and how he converted it, in some very easy steps, into an .MP4 format that could then be used in the video iPod and played right away. WOW! Fantastic !

Now, imagine this. Some time ago I created a weblog post where I was mentioning how powerful screencasting is in augmenting instruction; so think if all those screencasts could then be converted into an .MP4 format for the video iPod and converted thanks to the Free iPod Video Converter. People now would be able to take that learning with them while they are travelling, commuting, on the road, while working remotely disconnected, you name it. And still be able to shape up their skills in whatever the tool by making use of those converted screencasts and their iPods. Really nice !

I guess that with the opportunity to take those screencasts with you wherever you may go you would have the opportunity to improve your knowledge skills in whatever the learning activity in such a way that you would now then define the pace, length of study along with the time invested without having to depend on a network connection or being closed to a computer. Now you can take your potentially favourite media player and while you are enjoying it learn something in the process.

I do not have a video iPod yet, but if I ever get my hands on one of them I know exactly what I will be doing with it. Take my favourite learning screencasts with me and digest them at my own pace, at my own convenience. How effective would that method of learning and knowledge sharing be? I bet that perhaps quite a lot actually based on a new factor introduced with the usage of the iPod: The fun factor. Perhaps one of the most powerful ways of learning currently available. Don’t you think ?

So if you would want to give it a try just go ahead and download Free iPod Video Converter and start converting all those videos you have been piling up in your computer and that you didn’t have enough time for to go through them! You will now be able to change that with such a handy piece of freeware. I tell you. Fantastic find ! Thanks, Stefano !

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  1. Hello Sridhar and welcome to elsua! Thanks much for dropping by and for sharing the link ! Videora certainly sounds like a really good option to look into when converting those video clips to an iPod video format. Thanks a bunch for sharing it with us and for dropping by ! Great stuff !

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