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Blogs Are Like Sharks

As you may well know already, since I think that I have been mentioning this a couple of times already, I have been weblogging for a bit over two years when I first got started with my Intranet weblog and then just a few months ago when I decided to dive into the Internet blogosphere having both elsua and elsua @ ITtoolbox. Throughout that time I keep having folks asking me over and over again, I guess that will never stop, how I manage to create multiple weblog posts a day for all of the weblogs I maintain. They all seem to be surprised at the fact that every day there is always something to read in each of the weblogs. So next to the question as to how do I do it there is also another one that I think pretty much would answer the first one: “Why do I bother to maintain all three weblogs with daily updates?

Well, to me the answer would be rather simple, but instead of me just explaining it through some words I thought I would just reference a picture that I clearly think would be just as powerful in explaining why I try to keep up with weblogging on a daily basis. And here it is:

Indeed, that picture comes from a weblog post shared by Dean Shareski over at Ideas and thoughts from an EdTech and which references another weblog post from Presentation Zen: Clear visuals with as little text as possible, and I just couldn’t have agreed more with that concept of what weblogging is all about. To me it is that shark that needs to be constantly in motion, that beast that needs to be progressing and moving forward all the time or it will go dormant and eventually die out. That is what weblogging is all about. A shark, a constant move; engaging in the daily conversation(s) because, after all, that is what we all do on a day in day out basis. No exceptions.

I am not going to deny that there are times where we would need to take a break, pretty much like we would do in real life when we would want to take a break from everything and therefore try to disconnect. The same would apply over here, no doubt. So far my disconnect is happening during the weekends where I feel I need to step back and revisit what my sharks have been doing during the course of the week and then prepare the rest of the week ahead. So far that seems to be working just fine with me, at least, for now. But perhaps that may change in the near future. I don’t know. One thing for sure is that whenever that happens I would need to be ready to decide what I would want to do with the sharks.

But for the time being, there you go. A powerful analogy that describes what weblogging has meant to me over the last two years and a couple of months since I first got started with it all. Things have changed quite drastically since then, but, at least, they have kept moving all along. And, for as long as I can keep those sharks moving, things would remain the same. Blog on !

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