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elsua Featured in Web 2.0 Journal – Social Software’s Drivers in KM

It doesn’t happen very often, I must admit, folks, but when it does, it surely puts things back into perspective and helps you realise that weblogging is just so much more than just hype. Indeed, over the weekend I experienced something that at the very beginning I was not really sure about what would be happening next but over time I have gotten used to the idea that without this weblog things would not have happened in that way. It is all about engaging in the conversations, folks, whether they are happening over here or elsewhere.

During the course of Friday, and over the weekend, I got approached by the folks from Web 2.0 Journal asking me if it would be ok with me to publish in their online web site a recent weblog post I created not long ago around the subject of social software and the impact it is having in virtual communities and Knowledge Management. Of course, I would be ok with that ! Who wouldn’t! So after a couple of quick e-mails What Are the Drivers of Social Software’s Success? was up and running and available for further reading.

What an experience ! I had, for the first time, my five minutes of Internet fame in a place outside of my own weblog but with content related to it. How cool is that ? I know that this may be something trivial for most of you, folks, but when you get featured in such a well respected resource related to Web 2.0 topics like Web 2.0 Journal and you head over to Google News and search for social software and find out your article is listed in the top 3 most relevant results, at several times during the course of the day, is something that I quite didn’t expect. And for that I am totally delighted and grateful to the folks of Web 2.0 Journal who got in touch with me in the first place. Thanks a bunch !

There is no denying that it is a good feeling being recognised out there when there are so many strong and wonderful voices providing some very interesting messages out there. Today, I am enjoying one of those moments. My 5 minutes of Internet fame. So I may as well enjoy them !

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  1. Thanks a lot, Shawn, for the feedback comments and for dropping by. I am surely glad that good weblogging work for which you folks have been a part of has contributed as well to the availability of that web article taken from elsua’s weblog post(s). We shall keep going at it, that is for sure. Thanks for the kind comments!

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