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Knowledge Management Online – KM Online – Open Source KM

Over the last couple of weeks I have been checking out a number of different articles included on a very useful Knowledge Management resource that I thought I would share over here for those folks who may not know about it. It is called Knowledge Management Online – Open Source KM and you can find the URL over here. There are plenty of items that I like about that particular resource on KM, but to get started I should just mention its RSS feeds. Indeed you would be able to subscribe to the RSS feed using different methods, so you can always be kept up to date whenever there is new content available. I am not sure about you folks but I know of a very few KM sites that have got that kind of syndication available right on the front page.

Anyway, more things that I have been enjoying from KM Online. Everyone seems to be having their own KM definition so this particular web site actually provides you with a bunch of them from different organisations so you can pick your favourite and build up your own. At the same time you would be able to read some more in-depth information about different KM roles and responsibilities, so that if you are thinking about your own KM strategy you may want to take a look and see if you would need any of those roles / responsibilities.

There are also some interesting articles around the subject of Knowledge Networks, about different KM Tools (Although I am missing the connection with the so-called Web 2.0 KM tools and related social software in that particular section) and, of course, some interesting KM education resources for those folks who may want to expand further their KM skills.

As I said, an interesting online resource around Knowledge Management, specially for those folks who may not be sure just yet what KM is all about but would want to learn some more at their own pace and always been kept up to date with rather the syndication options or by subscribing to the free newsletter they have got as well. A keeper, for sure, and certainly worth while a bookmark in your favourite social bookmarking offering.

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