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Feeddigest – Making Your Feeds Fabulous

Over at Genbeta, one of the several Spanish weblogs I follow, a couple of days ago they shared a weblog post on an interesting offering that I thought I would give it a try and see how I could make use of it as a Knowledge Tool. The tool itself is called Feeddigest and here is the weblog post (In Spanish): FeedDigest: Promociona tu blog (“Feeddigest – Promote your blog“).

The weblog post and the web site describe how you can use this particular tool in order to be able to “digest feeds directly into Javascript, PHP, HMTL or output as a whole new feed“, so that way you can syndicate the content from several feeds directly into whatever your web site may be, including, of course, your weblog(s). And this is where I thought I could well make good use of it as a knowledge tool. As you well know, I currently maintain two different Internet weblogs: elsua and elsua @ ITtoolbox and I have always found it difficult to connect them with one another. So in the end I would be doing some cross posting from one weblog into the other for those weblog posts that I think would be worth while sharing across.

That not only creates some extra effort but also a little bit of a repeat in the content folks would be able to read at both weblogs. And this is where Feeddigest comes to the rescue. I have created a free account and I have set up a digest for elsua @ ITtoolbox. From there I have gotten it to generate some Javascript for that feed and have included it in my weblog template on the right column. The end result is that from now on both of my Internet weblogs are connected with the outcome that you folks would be able to see if you visit the homepage of elsua. Check it out and you will see what it looks like and how it works.

Indeed, you would be able to read an excerpt with the first couple of lines from each of the different weblog posts I have shared over at ITtoolbox and if you are interested in reading it further you also have a hyperlink you can click on and it will take you straight through to it. Pretty nice ! More than anything else because I would no longer have to cross post between one weblog and the other and also because this great offering allows me to keep everything under the same focal point of entry: elsua. Thus if you are looking for an interesting and worth while checking out offering to help you consolidate the places you visit on a regular basis or to be able to set up a digest for them for easy access in whatever the web site then Feeddigest will be your option. Worth while a look for sure.


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