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Using QumanaXP in Conjunction with Roller Does not Seem to Be a Popular Option Right Now

I cannot believe this ! Last week Friday you would remember how I have been weblogging about the latest beta available from Qumana, QumanaXP and how much I liked the experience overall regarding the different new possibilities of sharing knowledge in your weblogs in a much more user friendly way and without hardly any effort. Well, I thought things would be different. I thought lots of people would dive into this new beta and take it for a spin, but it seems like the Blogosphere has hardly taken notice of it, if I come to check Technorati’s search results, where only 19 weblog posts referenced this particular weblogging tool. Goodness ! What happened? Why is it that people are not using such smooth and elegant weblogging tools as QumanaXP? Hummm, it makes me wonder. As I have mentioned back on Friday� I doubt there is any other freeware weblogging tool with such capabilities as QumanaXP so I am quite surprised to see that not many people seem to have tried it out yet.

However, and while trying to figure out what is actually happening out there, I must confess that one of the reasons why I have been watching Technorati over the last couple of days has been the curiosity of trying to find out how many more people were also having the similar issues I reported trying to get QumanaXP to work with Roller Weblogger. As I said it is the only thing left for me not to switch to this weblogging tool as my default option so I was curious to find out what people were saying on the topic.

Zero, nada, nothing ! Indeed, there is no single mention of this particular weblogging tool and Roller, which would explain why� I may be having the problems in the first place, since there are no other folks who seem to be exploring this combination and who perhaps could have tested it before going public. Hummm, I guess that would teach me for the next time. Thing is that I am now way too excited to continue making use of it so while hoping that I can finally get the problem fixed with Roller and QumanaXP (Already talking with one of the developers, by the way, so will keep you posted) I guess I will continue using it for my WordPress weblog and perhaps one of these days I will be creating another weblog post where I could then confirm that I can now use it with Roller and at that moment I can switch over to it and establish it as my default weblogging tool. I can’t wait for that to happen but I think I would also need to have a little bit of luck. Thus fingers crossed and let’s hope these issues get sorted out in the shortest time possible. We shall see how that goes.

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  1. Thanks for your enthusiasm – getting the tool noticed is our next top priority. We did a little “launch” and now it’s up to us to get those emails out, get chatting, and get reviews like yours swimming around the blogosphere.

    We’re also hopeful our little contest – you know, the vacation for 2 – will be the incentive people need to try a *free* product 😉

  2. You are most welcome, Arieanna, and thanks for dropping by ! I have been busy as well myself promoting QumanaXP in several of the weblogs I maintain and will continue doing so. I think that this is, perhaps, one of those beta releases that when going into a full production environment would certainly pick up a much more relevant momentum. And certainly the little contest will probably get quite a few more folks involved in giving a try out to the tool. More than anything else, who wouldn’t like having a free vacation to such lovely places ? Let’s see how things will develop, but I do hope that a whole lot more folks get involved in the conversations because I actually feel it deserves it. Thanks again for the feedback comments !

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