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Instructional Video on Storytelling – Not Really

In the past I have mentioned a couple of times how crucial storytelling is for the spreading and sharing of knowledge across different organisations, amongst other things. I talked about it both in KM Insights – Capturing Knowledge and Companies Struggle To Pass On Knowledge That Workers Acquire but this time around I thought I would also draw your attention towards another weblog post that Shawn Callahan shared over at Anecdote where you can watch a very short video clip on quite the opposite theme: what storytelling should not be. Indeed, in Instructional video on storytelling you will be able to watch a very funny video clip that with a very clear example demonstrates everything that storytelling is not and that given the date and the time of the week would make for an amusing time during the course of this Friday.

You will just need to load this web site and then scroll to the bottom till you find the clip called “Principles of Organisation Storytelling“.

Thanks to Shawn as well for sharing this particular link over at their weblog and for the good laugh !

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