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The Trip Continues

Yes, indeed, the trip continues. What I started a couple of weeks back with the details and further pictures from a recent ferry boat trip I took from Arguineguin to Puerto Rico and then finishing off in Puerto de Mogan and back is entering its last stages covering now the last part of the trip, which is the way from Puerto Rico to Puerto de Mogan.

You have probably seen already how I have been sharing some more pictures from Puerto de Mogan over at my Flickr account but this time around I am going to be sharing the same charming fishermen’s village but from another perspective, that is while entering the harbour coming from the sea, as opposed to coming from mainland. One thing for sure about this whole round of pictures is how stunning they are to watch, specially when you come to think about the different cliffs and how they have managed to build the roads on top or in the middle of them and still keep them safe for everyone to drive through.

I tell you quite an experience, but this time around from a ferry boat, which is something that you wouldn’t normally see unless you decide to take the trip yourself. But judge for yourselves. Here you have got three of my favourites for the week and the rest, as usual, you can find them over at my Flickr account:

DSC01306 DSC01315 DSC01329

Impressive, eh? I knew you would like them. I must say that this time around I have found it very easy to share these pictures directly in my weblog. And that is one of the main reasons why using WordPress is a big plus for me. Why? Because of all the cool stuff that several folks have been involved with and without which I am sure the experience would have been completely different and not as good, for sure. If not take a look into WordPress Flickr Post Bar to find one of the nicest and coolest (Sorry to repeat that word again, but it is true!) plugins to integrate your Flickr pictures with your WordPress weblog. Very nice work indeed by Joe Tan ! Thanks for that, Joe !

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