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KMWiki – A Collaborative Persistent ‘Conversation’ on All Matters Related to Knowledge Management

A few days ago a couple of readers from elsua asked me to share with them any Internet resources that would be available and worth while checking regarding Knowledge Management that they would be able to read some more about and perhaps even engage with them further to help increase the amount of information available. And while I was thinking about what I would answer there were two particular resources that I thought would be really good to get things going: Wikipedia’s Knowledge Management article and, specially, Denham Grey‘s KMWiki over at Wikispaces.

Indeed, I am sure that most folks would be already familiar with the Wikipedia article on Knowledge Management, where you can even read about some recommendations on other KM webloggers you can follow on further, thus I would like to spend a few minutes sharing some further information regarding Denham‘s Wiki space on KM: KMWiki. Not only would you be able to find a very good definition of what Knowledge Management is all about on this second attempt to get the Wiki going but you will also find an interesting introduction to KM along with a whole bunch of useful KM Links. Even more there is a specific section, one of my favourites, regarding Personal Knowledge Management. Worth while taking a look for sure !

However, what I really like about Denham‘s efforts in creating this particular Wiki space to gather some further information regarding Knowledge Management it is the very nature of using a Wiki as a repository for that particular information. That basically means that it is a KM repository where we could all help to contribute further and increase that already outstanding resource that KMWiki is. Thus if you can spare a few minutes and think you could add some more into the already existing information available I would certainly like to encourage you all to head over to KMWiki and share your thoughts and engage in the different conversations taking place at the moment. I am sure that we will all gain a whole lot from the overall experience.

From here I just want to thank Denham for taking the initiative to put this very valuable resource together and for helping it become what it is today ! Kudos to KMWiki ! Way to go !

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