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Weblogging Directly from FireFox – Performancing for FireFox

A couple of my colleagues at work have been weblogging about a new FireFox extension made available by the folks behind Performancing and which they seem to have been enjoying ever since it came out. I actually found out about it through Steve Rubel over at Micro Persuasion and after the good reviews mentioned over there I decided to take it for a spin, even though FireFox is not my default web browser. And my first initial reaction is nothing less than disappointment. Why ? Well, because of a number of different reasons:

  • To start with and something that I find quite annoying is the fact that Performancing for FireFox does not seem to load properly in Opera, my default web browser. This is a screen shot of what it looks like in Opera and this is a screen shot of what it looks like in FireFox.

    I know that this extension has been created only for FireFox but to say that and prevent other web browsers to display it is just going a bit too far I would think. Oh, I tried as well in IE and it doesn’t seem to be loading either ! “Helping bloggers succeed”? Hummm, I doubt it. At least, not this way.

  • Second thing I was not impressed with from the extension itself was the fact that it is missing one important weblogging engine from the Add Blog wizard: Roller Weblogger. That is the engine that I am using for my Intranet weblog and since it is not even listed there I am out of luck and will not be able to test how it actually works out. Too bad, right ?
  • But things do not just stop there. Several other weblogging tools, like, for instance, Qumana do have the possibility of using different APIs to connect to weblogging engines. So that is why although Roller may not be listed there I can still create an account using the MetaWeblog API, which seems to be working just fine. I can connect to my Intranet weblog.

    However, Performancing for FireFox does not even have an MetaWeblog API that you would be able to use. So if you do not have a weblog hosted with Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal, WordPress Custom or Moveable Type Custom, you are out of luck again, because it will not work. At least, I haven’t found a way to make it work. Anybody knows how to fix this ?

  • And, finally, since elsua is running on WordPress I thought I would give it a try and see how it would go further. But alas it looks like entering the data selecting the option WordPress does not seem to work, probably because it is just configured to work if you have got a weblog hosted over at WordPress.com and nothing else. So in the end I had to go through the WordPress Custom, which seems to have worked out all right. It would have been nice to have had some instructions on what each option was meant to be used for. I know this may be far too simple, but in the weblogging world that is what most of us want: simplicity at its best.

    I am saying “seems” because I have yet got to test it out posting a weblog entry using that FireFox extension. Something that I will probably be doing in the next weblog entry, but so far I haven’t been that impressed overall. It is certainly a very very good attempt, pretty much like what Flock is trying to achieve, but as far as I can see and although it may work for some weblogging engines it is not as powerful as many other options available out there.

    We will have to wait and see how it further develops but for the time being I will give it a try and post something here in elsua and see how it will go. One other concern I will have just as a I venture into creating that weblog post is if it would be validating like the way it is supposed to. Something to look forward to, I would think. So let’s see how it goes.

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    1. You write very well!

      I did the same thing as you in trying to setup my WP blog, and received a funny error message.

      This is my first exposure to Roller. How does Flock treat it?

      I see your Flock post from October 21, 2005. I would love to hear your insights on Flock. We will have our next significant release mid-January.

      All the best,

    2. Hello Lloyd and welcome to elsua! Thanks very much for the kind comments and for dropping by. I have been reading off your weblog your experience with Performancing and Flock and it surely looks very interesting.

      Regarding your comments about Roller and Flock I must say that things could be a bit better. In general it is very easy to set it up with the MetaWeblog option, and it does grab the different weblog posts, however, when trying to post something into my weblog I am finding out that it apparently chops of the title of the post and it will not show it on the weblog itself, so people find it difficult to relate to. I have been looking into this for some time now and I cannot find a way to get it fixed, which is the reason why I haven’t weblogged yet in much more detail till now.

      I am still trying to see if I can fix it somehow. I will eventually share a couple of weblog posts over the next couple of days on both Flock and Performancing for both of my weblogs, the Intranet and Internet ones, since they are both using different weblogging engines and then you will be able to read what my experience has been.

      Finally, I am really looking forward to that significant release in mid-January as I believe that you folks are doing some really good work into bringing together a much more significant Web 2.0 effort integrated in the web browser than anyone else. Thus I can’t wait to get my hands on the new release. For the time being, stay tuned to those upcoming weblog posts and let’s see how far we can go.

      Again, I appreciate the feedback comments !

    3. Excellent stuff, Lloyd ! Thanks very much for sharing those links and for dropping by. I was not aware of the first link for the recent builds and I have downloaded already 0.4.11. I will be playing around with it for a little while and then I will let you know what my weblogging experience has been so far. I am really excited about trying it out specially since you have mentioned there have been many improvements with the weblogging component. I will let you know about my experiences in an upcoming weblog post. Thanks again for the feedback comments !

    4. I too prefer Opera to all the other browsers out there. Sadly, we are seeing more and more add-ins being created exclusively for Firefox. Seems every other day there is another tool or utility.

      I believe Opera held on too tight to the code options so people couldn’t readily go out and configure new plugins early on. Now, there is an uphill battle in getting these working.

    5. Hello Brad and welcome to elsua ! Yes, indeed, I have noticed that, too. I guess that is what it takes to be a pretty popular web browser as opposed to some others not so popular. However, I am wondering how much longer we will have to put up with this given the recent rumours of Opera being bought by whatever other major companies, although none of those rumours seem to have anything in concrete. Maybe it will happen in the end, who knows. But even if it hasn’t, given the fact that the browser is freeware at the moment, it may start opening things up in the end. We shall see.

      I am sure that after the browser has been made available now for free that we will start seeing more developments in due course, probably during the course of 2006. I do hope, too, though that it may not be too late. Let’s hope it isn’t, because it would be too bad to have to move to other more innovative web browsers than just Opera, because so far, in my opinion, it has been leading the way and, hopefully, it will continue to be like that for many more months to come.

    6. Thanks, Gayle, for dropping by and for sharing this feedback. I am glad to hear you have found this weblog post useful. I am sure that if you folks have given it a try you will enjoy it just as much as using any other weblogging tool, if not more. Glad to be able to help ! Appreciated the feedback.

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    8. Hi Emily! Thanks very much for dropping by and for the feedback comments. I have now taken a look into my blogroll from this weblog template and also from my BlogLines account, which is currently feeding the blogroll, and I have successfully updated the new URL address of your weblog. I guess that it should be all right by now, since I have checked all of the updates and they have all gone through. Do have a look and let me know if you would need anything else and thanks again for the heads up on the new weblog address from your own weblog. Keep up the great work ! Thanks!

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