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Views from a Viewpoint

As you have been able to see over the last couple of weeks I have been sharing a number of different pictures in my Flickr account regarding a recent trip that I did with a couple of good friends into the centre of Gran Canaria. And like the last couple of weblog posts I am going to continue this week as well showing you some more from that same trip, but this time around these are pictures taken directly from different viewpoints scattered around the centre and north of the island.

As you will be able to see they are quite spectacular, not only because of the landscapes you will be able to enjoy but also because of the wonderful day we had. The weather was just outstanding and that is something you will be able to notice from those pictures. As usual you will be able to find them all in my Flickr account, but here is a selection of some of my favourites from the week. Hope you enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed taking them at the time:

View from a viewpoint
View from a viewpoint
View from a viewpoint

There are still a couple of other pictures that I would want to share with you from the trip of a lovely, and charming, small town we visited during that time. But those will come during the course of the week, perhaps, or beginning of the next. We shall see.

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