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IBM Employees Play with Podcasting

After being the word of the year for 2005 and also after the recent announcements where IBMers are now encouraged as well not only to continue further with their weblogs but also to venture into the Podcasting world (Check out Inside IBM: IBM Internal Podcast with PodTech) I thought I would create a weblog post over here as well to let folks out there know what is happening in elsua regarding this particular topic.

A couple of days ago I actually released the first episode of my IBM internal podcast called CoKnowCo and as you have probably guessed already it is one of those podcasts available internally to IBM, at least, for the time being and dealing with the subject of Communities, Knowledge Management and Collaboration. So far the reviews and the feedback I have been getting have been very positive and encouraging, which brings me into the next level of involvement with the experience overall: podcasting outside of IBM. I am not sure how it will all turn out to be but I find it a very good opportunity to try this medium and see if I would be able to maintain it or not externally. So far, I have gone into the routine of shaping up a number of different episodes that I will be releasing internally over the next few weeks and I am thinking as well that during the holidays I may be looking into ways of moving CoKnowCo outside of the IBM network to talk about those different topics related to Communities, Knowledge Management and Collaboration and suitable for larger, much more general, audiences.

Thus while the holidays are just around the corner I am going to try to see how I could go about hosting that podcast externally and make it as easy as possible to subscribe to so that you folks could also take a look and add it to your favourite podcasting players. I am not sure where I will be getting started but if you do have some resources available you could provide to people to get started with podcasting please do share some of those over here or contact me offline. That would be terrific ! Either way, and over the next few days I am certainly going to detail how it progresses and what will eventually be happening but right now the excitement and motivation to keep it going is there and I surely look forward to making it happen outside IBM as well. We shall see how it all turns out to be.

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