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Weblogs Compendium – Blog Tools

During the course of this week one of the readers from elsua sent me an e-mail regarding the following weblog post: Blog Software Smackdown : The Big 3 Reviewed I shared not long ago, asking me if I knew of other weblogging tools reference web sites that I could share in order for folks to have a look at what other options are out there, apart from that accurate comparison or the Blog software comparison Chart.

While I mentioned on the e-mail that there must be hundreds, if not thousands, of those web sites and other reference material I also indicated though that there is one single web site that I have been finding very useful over the last few weeks and that is the one called Weblogs Compendium – Blog Tools. This is, probably, one of the most comprehensive web sites out there that provides a substantial and meaningful amount of information related to weblogs in general going from different weblogging platforms, to little gems people can add into their weblog web sites and a whole bunch of other resources.

Thus if you are one of those folks who are not sure about where to get started with weblogging within your team to help facilitate the knowledge sharing and collaborating between one another I would suggest you have a look into Weblogs Compendium – Blog Tools, because I am sure you are bound to find there what you were looking for all along. You will be able to see how I have been using a number of different elements that have been mentioned over there and there are still some more that I will be trying out shortly, so that you also get a chance to see what they are and what they look like. But, in short, the web site itself will provide you a very good start if you are still doubtful about getting started with your own weblogging platform for your team or for your community and not knowing where to get you going.

If you know of any other weblogging reference web sites please do share the link over here as I am sure we would all be more than happy to take a look into it and learn one thing or two about the Blogosphere and the many different options there are out there to get us started weblogging away ! So, go for it !

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