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Identity 2.0 – Identity Is Really Reputation

Continuing further with the topic of Team-Building Key for the Virtual WorkPlace and touching specifically on the topic of trust I thought I would share with you, folks, one of those presentations that after you watch it it makes you think about the subject presented in a new and refreshing way and certainly will not leave you static any longer.

You may have watched it already if you have been browsing around for a little while but, just in case you may not have, take a look into Identity 2.0, a powerful and refreshing presentation provided by Dick Hardt, founder and CEO of Sxip.

What I mean with “powerful and refreshing” is not just related to his compelling way of delivering a very strong message, which I am sure you will all agree with, but more on the implications put together on virtual trust in general for whatever conversations you are involved with through web services and with your virtual and distributed teams. Certainly, as Web 2.0 becomes more prominent and relevant we shall see how it all turns out to be, but I, for one, am glad to see how trust will continue to be taken seriously as the Web redefines itself, once again.

As I said, if you haven’t taken a look into the presentation, and if you can spare 15 minutes, which is what it will take you to go through it, I would strongly suggest you have a look, because it will certainly make you think twice next time you identify yourself on the Internet or you come to interact and collaborate with your colleagues remotely.

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