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Upgrade Your Widgets Today !

Just as Yahoo! seems to get hungrier making a number of different acquisitions while entering the Web 2.0 collaborative world in full force (See recent acquisitions of Flickr and del.icio.us; and watch out because I doubt that would be the last major acquisition from Yahoo! for other social networking offerings (If not check the recent announcement on how Yahoo Builds Blogging into Small Business to get an idea of how things may eventually turn out to be)), I have been playing myself around with upgrading to the latest version of Yahoo! Konfabulator and some of the latest widgets available over at the Widget Gallery.

Yes, for those folks interested, Yahoo! has just released the latest version of Yahoo! Konfabulator and it surely looks much much better than the previous version. I must say that at the beginning I was not sure 100% if I would go ahead and do the upgrade but after checking out the new widgets I just couldn’t resist the temptation and it surely makes sense to go for it, if you are a regular user from previous versions. And if you haven’t used it yet, I strongly advise you give it a try as I am sure it will change your opinion about how your traditional desktop should look like and how some sources of information may be delivered out to you.

Thus if you haven’t upgraded yet, I would recommend you take a look because you are bound to find some really cool widgets out there that would help you become much more productive in getting access to the right information that you can then share it with others in whatever the collaborative environment you may be working in, at the same time that you are getting so much more from your desktop. And since I guess you will probably be wondering what Widgets I am using in my computers here you have got a screen shot of my current list:

I know it is not a complete list but those are, so far, my favourite widgets. I am sure you have got your own, which may not necessarily be the same and that is why I would love to hear from you folks which ones are your favourites. Which ones do you think I should try out to continue enjoying further the Konfabulator experience ? Any suggestions ?

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