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So Far Away Yet So Close

Last week I shared a number of different pictures regarding the stunning views from San Bartolome de Tirajana seen from the highest mountain of the island, Pozo de la Nieves and I though that this week I would share a few more so that you folks could get to check out how impressive the landscape looks like, specially when the weather conditions are right, like you are about to see in the three different pictures I am about to share.

It is amazing to think how rocky the scenes are just when you are about one hour away from the coast and the beautiful beaches. When people called Gran Canaria a mini-continent I don’t think they were that off, because in under 90 minute drive you can go from the coast to higher up in the mountains, enjoy lots of fresh air and come back down again, on the same day. Pretty incredible. And here is a small proof of that:

Pozo de las Nieves
Pozo de las Nieves
San Bartolome de Tirajana seen from Pozo de las Nieves
San Bartolomé de Tirajana
Pozo de las Nieves
Pozo de las Nieves

As usual, I have been sharing some more pictures which you will be able to watch over at my Flickr account, or by clicking on the Flickr badge embedded into my weblog template.

Enjoy them !

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