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Opinmind – Discovering Bloggers

Some time ago you would remember how I created a weblog post that mentioned how Google was finally entering the weblogging search world with Google Blog Search and how it apparently seemed to be just another search engine for weblogs, like many others.

Well, here we go with something completely new and refreshing. Given the fact that everything that takes place in the Blogosphere has got to do with conversations, you may be interested in, yet again, another Beta offering called Opinmind. Here is a short description of what it does, taken from its homepage:

“Find people that are interested in the things that interest you. Opinmind collects the opinions of bloggers all over the world on every subject imaginable. […] Currently tracking 14,000,000+ opinions of 1,700,000+ bloggers”

Despite the powerful features displayed it looks like this new offering has not been picked just yet by the larger Blogosphere, since only a few folks have been talking about it so far, as can be seen in Technorati, but this new web site seems to provide some unique features that would help people find further information details about conversations and opinions that may be taking place out there, whether they are positive or negative. Another great feature from Opinmind is that it has got a sentimeter that measures the positive against the negative opinions in a graphical way so you can get instant feedback about the types of conversations returned back to you.

Finally, one of the other key features from Opinmind is the fact that it allows you to put together two different terms and compare one against the other, as you are able to see over at the Opinmind weblog. So as you can see lots of interesting options and features to play around with in order to get involved in the conversations and much more interestingly you are also able to add your own weblog address if you do not find any results from your own resources, like your own weblogs, as part of the search results.

Yes, I know, it is another search engine, like many of the others, but, at least, this time around it is going to be much easier to make a connection with multiple conversations and only a single click away from you. And that is a powerful feature, specially for those folks who want to engage themselves with other webloggers and wouldn’t know necessarily where to start. What a great way of encouraging collaboration and sharing of knowledge amongst other folks who share a common interest, rather positive or negative, by just using a simple search user interface ! A must-have bookmark, for sure !

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