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Virtual Teams – Establishing Trust Is Key to Successful Teamwork

Yesterday I created a weblog entry where I mentioned how crucial it is for teams and communities to realise the true power of both humour (having fun at work) and trust, specially, next to social capital, in order to create and sustain a healthy working environment for everyone to collaborate successfully with one another.

So with all that said and talking further about powerful ways of building up your trust and social capital skills in a distributed or virtual team I thought you folks would find the following article quite an interesting read: Virtual Teams – Establishing Trust Is Key to Successful Teamwork. Probably one of the best reads there is that will show you how you can continue nurturing those trust and social capital skills based on three different questions:

  • Do you have anything to offer me ? (Value): Which clearly shows why it is good to have your own weblog, whether on the Internet or on the Intranet. Or, at least, having your own web presence, including instant messaging / VoIP.
  • Can I count on you? (Commitment): Which deals with how you can make use of meeting people’s expectations to help you build up trust with your peers.
  • Will you get it straight? (Thoroughness) Which covers the always difficult topic of being the one in control of the situation all the time and the potential consequences of failing to do that.

    As I said, if you are looking for a great article on how you can make the most out of building and nurturing your trust and social capital skills I can certainly recommend Virtual Teams – Establishing Trust Is Key to Successful Teamwork, or, even better, the actual report from where that article originates: Trust Building by Peter Andrews. A must-read for sure.

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    1. Hi There,

      I am responsible for the HR Strategy for a team in Australia/New Zealand that by nature, is virtual and we struggle with high attrition rates due to climate and morale issues. I am very interested to hear more about humour at work, trust building, ‘social capital’ “Virtual Teams – Establishing Trust Is Key to Successful Teamwork”. I am far from being Blog savvy, so please excuse my ignorance, as I seek more information on this topic . I look forward to continuing the discussion.

    2. Dear Luis,

      we would like to use this article for training purposes.

      Could we do it without cost if we include the link as source?

      Thanks in advance


      1. Hi Sandra, thanks a lot for reaching out and for the information details. Yes, you surely can, although it’s perhaps a bit outdated since I wrote it 11 years ago, so I’m not even sure whether the links would still be valid and everything, but if you would want to go ahead and reuse it, by all means, as long as you include the link to the source, in case folks may have some additional feedback comments, I’ll be fine with it. Thanks for asking and for reaching out! Much appreciated.

        Let me know if I can be of any further help, in case the links included in the article are no longer valid. Thanks!

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