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Habitat Jam Survey

Talking about surveys, and now that the Habitat Jam is just finished, I have just received an e-mail inviting me to participate now on a survey about the event of events, the Habitat Jam.

So since I have participated in the event I decided to spend a few minutes and submit my input into the survey. The set of questions you will find not only have got to do with the event itself on how much you may have collaborated and shared knowledge with others in the different forums but also about the logistics of the event as well, so that you get a chance to provide input on the overall experience.

The survey itself will take you about 20 minutes to complete and I would say that if you have participated in the event you will be about to receive that same e-mail I got and therefore you may be able to submit your feedback. After all it may be very valuable input for future events of the same nature. Who knows, maybe next year’s jam.

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