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Habit Jam Is about to Get Started – Are You Ready ?

Well, here we are, folks. Just a bit under one hour one of the biggest online shows starts: The Habitat Jam. And the main key question is that although few people have been weblogging about the event itself would you still be there to help make a difference ? I know that we are all busy with both our work and personal lives but it wouldn’t harm, I would think, to spend a few minutes every day, during the course of the event, sharing your thoughts and your ideas on ways to improve the cities we live in. Not just for now but for the near (And long term) future.

Thus if you have got a few minutes or if you think you have that brilliant idea you would want to share with the whole world, by all means, go and share it with everyone ! After all you would be contributing to the well being of our homes, our communities and, most importantly, ourselves. It is just up to us, folks.

Let’s make it happen ! See you then !

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