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Changes Are on the Way

Over the last couple of days I have been receiving some feedback from different folks who have indicated how difficult it is actually reading from my weblog. To get things started it actually takes a substantial amount of time to load the page because of the leaves background and also the different graphics. Secondly, there are some items from the design itself that are somewhat distracting from the main content and since you folks are also somehow an integral part of this weblog I have now decided that I am going to start moving into another WordPress theme, which will be a lot easier on the eye and also a whole lot less distracting.

So while I am still validating elsua I will also initiate the process of upgrading to the new theme and add the different components that are now part of the standard weblog template. So you would have to bear with me for a little while till that gets done. And then I will be back to normal. Let’s see how the changes will take place with the new theme. Hopefully, they will be improved.

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