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New version of Qumana Available

Yesterday I mentioned briefly how there is a new version of Qumana out there and although I did not talked about it too much I thought it would be worth while now including a few lines on the subject. To start with, if you head over to the Qumana Blog you will be able to find two different weblog posts providing some further details on the latest version of the weblogging software. But also you could head over to the Qumana Overview web site and right there you will be able to read it all.

I must say that I upgraded to the latest version yesterday morning and since then I have been able to create a number of different weblog posts and I am really happy with the results so far. To start with the new set of buttons makes publishing content a lot easier; now different options are much more intuitive to access and its ease of use is as good as ever. Yes, I know, the new buttons are cute, too ! hehe

However, what I really like about the latest release from Qumana is the fact that it continues to evolve providing advanced webloggers with the possibility of inserting their own HTML tags to customise posts the way they would want. This very handy feature, along with the growing list of keyboard shortcuts, makes it even faster working with and sharing your content in your own weblog. So if anybody would ask me for a weblogging software tool to work with I would be more than happy to recommend Qumana. why ? Because it delivers pretty well what it promises. As simple as that. And not many offerings and show that off.

But where is Qumana going from here ? What would be the new features put together into future versions ? I am not sure what they will be, folks, but I do seriously hope they have got something to do with improving the overall handling of previous posts. I know that it is possible to retrieve now a number of different weblog posts, edit them and repost them back, but I am thinking it would also be a very nice feature to be able to edit a weblog post based on its unique ID, so that I would just go straight into that post looking up its ID as opposed to have to load a whole bunch of them before I can interact with it. I have been looking for this feature in the current release and haven’t been able to find it, so I am hoping it will get added soon.

Also it would be quite nice if the Preview page would be available as a tab from the main weblog post interface, without having to open up another window that will not allow me to continue working with the text further. I wouldn’t think it would be too bad to have that tabbed Preview option and certainly the software would gain tremendously with it. Oh, and another neat feature would be the possibility of adding Trackbacks directly while we are composing a weblog post to reference another, like other weblogging tools can do already. I wonder if they have got plans to include this one as well or not. We shall see…

Finally, I would very much like to see how Qumana continues to work further to integrate itself with other popular weblogging platforms, like Roller Weblogger Project. I know I could go ahead and make use of the MetaWebLog API but it would be better if I could set up my Roller weblog as easy as I could now with WordPress, for instance. Anyway, we shall to continue watching the space and check what the next version will bring.

For the time being, if you are looking for a weblogging tool that would stand out because of its ease of use at the same time that is feature packed then look no further. Download Qumana now and give it a try ! Once you start using it you will not go back !

Kudos to the Qumana developers for another outstanding piece of work !

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