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The Temptations of Qumana

Some time ago I mentioned in another weblog post how for as long as I have been weblogging both in my Intranet and my Internet weblogs I have been using w.bloggar as my main weblogging tool. However, even though I have enjoyed the experience quite a lot so far, I am finding out that ever since I started to share content on a regular basis here in elsua I am continuing to use Qumana more and more. And I have been enjoying the experience so much as well that I almost exclusively use Qumana to post content into my weblogs.

And now, more than ever, with the newer version of the software, which can be downloaded from here, I have reached the point where I think I may not go back ! It is so easy to share content across the board. Actually, too easy. Just this morning I posted something similar along these lines in my Intranet weblog and we have been having some interesting discussions. The actual subject of the conversation is based on a popular feature from Qumana: the fact that with a single click it allows you to post the same content in multiple weblogs without having to re-write it.

That is just one of the many favourite features from this particular piece of software but I have been wondering if it would actually be a good practice to share the same content in multiple places, i.e. multiple weblogs. More than once I have been tempted to actually share a weblog post or two written over here into my Intranet weblog and vice versa. Yet almost every time I fail thinking that it may not be fair to either audience since it might give the impression that I am just trying to repeat myself.

However, and with all that said, I can also agree to the point of view where sometimes there are some of those great weblog posts you come across that you think that the more exposure you can give them, the better. And that is why cross-posting would make sense. However, at what costs ? Will your weblogs readership go down, or quite the opposite, will it go up thinking that you have tried to inter-connect two particular weblogs through a number of interesting weblog posts and therefore want to establish a strong connection between both readerships?

I have tried to look for some references out there in the Blogosphere, but so far I haven’t been able to find one that would convince me enough to form an opinion, so if you are out there reading this weblog post, what do you do when you have multiple weblogs and you get to write stuff for each of them? Do you actually do some cross-posting and try to reword the weblog post again to match different audiences? Or you just leave it as is and share it anyway. What do you think ?

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  1. Great post, and thanks! 😉

    It’s actually a really important topic. As you grow in number of blogs, and if those blogs ever overlap in topic, it can be tempting. I write on about 16 myself, so I’ve had this debate with myself.

    My opinion is that if you think you have highly different audiences, then go for it. In 90% of the cases, however, I’ll do a couple of things:
    1. Excerpt from the ‘main’ place it is put, with a link over
    2. Take out certain parts
    3. Offer a different commentary for the different audience

    Yeah, it takes time, but if you can get started writing a revision right away, it’s not so bad. Typically I just do 1 or 2, which still makes it fast 🙂

  2. Hello Arieanna and welcome to elsua! Thanks very much for dropping by and for the feedback comments ! I knew I was not the only one out there who may have been thinking about this already and those tips that you have shared above are terrific. Specially, I like tip 1) and 3), which I have been doing more or less subconsciously all along, so I am glad to hear I was on the right track. I think I will continue to use either of them where necessary but without abusing too much of any of them since that would become quite repetitive and now what I would be expecting for the purpose of both weblogs that I maintain at the moment. Oh, by the way, one of these days you will have to share with us what it is like writing on up to 16 weblogs ! That must have been a whole new experience !

    Thanks again for the feedback !

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