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Fancy Some New Weblogging Playground ? – WordPress.com Is Open for Business

If you remember, from the very first beginning of elsua, I mentioned in the first weblog post how I was using for the last few months a hosted weblog over at Blogsome to have a look and try things for a little while before I would jump into creating, maintaining my own Internet weblog. And for over seven months I was quite happy with giving it a try and share some content to the point where in the end I decided to dive in in full force and then elsua was born.

You would probably remember how Blogsome is using one of my favourite weblogging platforms: WordPress, which is also eventually the same platform I am using for this weblog. Well, things are going to get ever so much more interesting because WordPress.com has just announced that their weblogging offering is now available to all and I bet they will present lots of good competition to other popular weblog engines.

I must say that I am really glad I actually tried out WordPress with Blogsome because it helped me take a much better decision and stick around with it for my own hosted weblog over here. And I bet that WordPress.com is going to have the same effect, specially for those folks out there new to weblogging.

Thus congrats to WordPress.com and keep up the good work !

Link to Micro Persuasion (Do check as well the comments. Worth while a read, specially the ones from Eric Giguere when he talks about Blogger isn’t free: The cost of not using your own domain)

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