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ClustrMaps – Hit Counter Map Shows Locations of All Visitors to Your Site

A few days ago you will remember how I created a weblog entry regarding one of the latest releases from Google to help webmasters get some more statistics from the web sites they may have under their control through the usage of Google Analytics and free of charge. Back then I mentioned as well how I was trying to set up an account over there to check, first, how it would work and, secondly, to get some statistics on elsua. That way, I would be able to get to know you a bit more about where you may be coming from, how much time you spend over here and so forth.

So far I have been using Miarroba for which I still have got an account and have got some really useful data that I will be weblogging about every now and then to give you some further stats. And the same would happen with Google Analytics; once I start getting some results about those statistics I will be surely sharing some comments over here as well with a couple of screen shots so that you can get to see who you all are.

But in the mean time and while all that data gathers itself further how about some instant feedback directly available from my weblog template? That would be neat, right ? Well, it looks like there is a way now. Check out ClustrMaps. A new beta offering that allows you to have a web site counter that will graphically tell you where the visitors are coming from and place them as a red dot in a worldwide map. Pretty amazing, eh ?

Indeed, lately, there has been a proliferation of different online tools that would help you get some online awareness for whatever the type of web application you may be using. And ClustrMaps seems to be a pretty decent attempt at that. In fact, I doubt there would be a much easier user interface to get that kind of information directly from whatever the online service and have it added into your web site with such ease of use.

Again the interesting thing about ClustrMaps is the fact that groups of people, whether they are teams or communities, or whatever other group gathering, have now got the opportunity to explore further web presence in a much more powerful way while navigating and visiting web sites. So, for weblogs, for instance, team / community members would have an opportunity to see right away where those hits are coming from and somehow that may also help out define the type of content shared in those weblogs in order to suit the needs from the audience, if they would want to accommodate that, that is.

Certainly an offering worth while considering and adding to your web site if you are planning to get some instant feedback on web presence from those folks who may be coming forward and visit your weblog, for instance. I have now got mine added into my weblog template and it looks like that it will get started providing some data from tomorrow onwards so I will be looking forward to getting some more information about elsua‘s visitors, you folks. I bet you would also be interested as well in getting your own and add it to your weblog. So you may as well go ahead and do it ! And the sooner, the better !

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  1. Wow; thanks for the enthusiastic endorsement… you’ve hit the nail right on the head (it’s all about the ‘gestalt’ and ‘community feeling’, which is what inspired us to create ClustrMaps). After the overnight updates, one little red dot in the UK is from us, The ClustrMaps Team!!


  2. Hello folks and welcome to elsua. Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for sharing your feedback with us ! Indeed, you are absolutely right ! And that is what got me to try out ClustrMaps in the first place. The possibility of knowing where my colleagues, friends and other weblog visitors are coming from is rather attractive as it would provide that sense of community about the weblog itself that will help give it a much stronger personality, not longer restricting it to an individual weblog but more to a community weblog, even though I may be the only one posting weblog posts. However, the fact that people can participate freely and we can all catch up with where they are coming from is a very powerful option and why I think that ClustrMaps would be a nice addition in the communities space. Thus keep up the good work and thanks for dropping by and the support ! Great stuff !

  3. Hi again – just re-discovered this blog entry…
    heh, I can’t believe we did not give you a free ClustrMaps+ upgrade, so I’m rectifying that short-sightedness immediately… (for other readers, it is not simply about ‘glowing comments’, but more about persistence and insightfulness about using ClustrMaps as an innovative power-user tool).

    We’d be interested to hear your thoughts about the extra leverage you get from having the ‘zoom-to-continents’ feature, which will kick in within a few days (plus of course, no ads).

    Many thanks for sticking with us… it’s great to see you mixing and matching ClustrMaps, Frappr, MyBLogLog, all of which address different needs. Any further comparative insights or fresh commentary you might provide on these different services would be most appreciated.

    All the best,

    -CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team

  4. Hello CJ! Thanks ever so much for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Excellent stuff!  Appreciated the upgrade and the kind offer to try out some of the different options put together with the + upgrade. I am certainly looking forward to being able to test out the zoom-to-continents feature as I am sure it would be providing us with some really good information as to who is actually reading elsua. Also it will provide me with the opportunity of finding out some more about the regular readers of this weblog and find out from what other exotic locations people get to interact with this weblog.

    I am really glad that you are mentioning the different offerings, apart from ClustrMaps, like Frappr, MyBlogLog and whatever else, because I also feel that they all provide different types of functionality to webloggers in such a way that help folks get the most from the area of web presence, stats., social networks, readership awareness and so forth. So I do not see a reason why all of them could not be used to complement each other in providing a much better and clearer picture of the user activity around a particular weblog. So I am very happy and content with making use of these different offerings in order to help me get a much clearer picture of what is going on out there.

    So thanks again for the heads up with the upgrade and for the additional support and feedback comments. Greatly appreciated !

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