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Pandora – Discover Music

Some time ago a good friend of mine mentioned to me, while we were talking around online music, to check out a relatively new offering out there on the Internet called Pandora. I am sure that by now most of you would have heard about it or read some more around this same topic. He did mention back then (a few weeks back) that I would certainly enjoy such offering as it allows you to build up on your musical taste by being able to find other pieces of music related to the same one(s) you have already listened to. And he was right. I really loved the experience !

If you are ever looking for an online service that would allow you to play the music you want at your own leisure and with instant feedback about the different tracks that are played then Pandora is your choice. Besides that, not only has it got a very appealing design but you would also be amazed at the ease of use and how quickly you can build up on a lovely set of tracks to keep on playing back and forth.

However, what most people may not be familiar with though is the fact that there are some tricks out there that would allow you to actually save those tracks in an .mp3 format which you can then upload to your favourite .mp3 player. Check out, for instance, Pandora Streaming Radio Caches to Your HDD. In that particular article you will see how it is describe how you can grab those .mp3 files and then upload them into your .mp3 player. And although it describes there how you can grab those files from both IE or FireFox I thought I would let you know the trick to get them from Opera while you are still playing the tunes.

In principle you would need to go to this particular folder location: C:\Documents and Settings\[Windows User Name]\Application Data\(Opera)\Opera\profile\cache4 and from there sort the folder by size as in most cases those audio files would take some more disk space. Once you have done that you will find out that you will have a file name following this name convention: opr0D5QY.tmp, as an example. From there onwards just rename the .tmp file to .mp3 (And whatever filename you would want to give it) and you are ready to play that file with your favourite .mp3 player or upload it whatever the audio device.

Pretty nice trick, indeed, and as I have mentioned before, a very handy one in order to help Pandora build up your music collection with your taste in whatever the tunes and then have the opportunity to save all that searching and listening to your .mp3 player for later enjoyment.

Kudos to the Pandora development team for such an outstanding service and thanks a bunch to Wilson for sharing this great tip with us and for letting us enjoy the Pandora ever so much more !

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  1. Hi, and thanks for this tip.
    However, going thsough my Opera folder I cannot find any .tmp files, and there are only a few files over 500kb, so they must be stores somewhere else. Any suggestions ?


  2. Hello Jarik and welcome to elsua! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for dropping by. Actually, now that you mention this it looks like the Pandora folks may have tweaked things a bit further because since your last comment above I have tried it out multiple times on several versions of Opera and it looks like I cannot longer see those .tmp files any more in order to rename and save them. At least, from Opera itself. However, LifeHacker may be coming to our rescue. At least, this weblog post would be worth while a read, to say the least 😉

    Hope that helps ! Good luck and thanks again for the feedback input!

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