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IBM Trying to Promote Internal Cycle of Growth

Not long ago a couple of elsua‘s readers asked me via e-mail if I could provide them with some more information details about what IBM was doing around the area of Knowledge Management, Collaboration and knowledge sharing on a corporate level, and while back then I referred them back to the Alphaworks Collaboration web site where you can get a very good overview of what is actually happening, just recently I thought that this other particular news article in InfoWorld would be very enlightening for those who may want to have a look into some details further.

The article itself is titled IBM trying to promote internal cycle of growth and amongst other things you will get to read over there what IBM is doing with the IBM On Demand WorkPlace, specially from an internal perspective, as one of the most powerful options to share information with one another, search for experts using the Enterprise Directory called  BluePages and having quick access to ThinkPlace, one of the very last features coming onboard and that IBMers are currently using to continue boosting innovation from a collaboration perspective.

And also apart from getting to hear about some of the capabilities out there for IBMers you will also get to read about what some other work IBM  has been doing and for which we shall see some results coming out very shortly. Like, Green Pages, for instance. So as you can see things are still thriving around the collaboration and innovation areas inside of IBM. And one thing I am also planning to do with elsua is to give you a little bit more background on the happenings as we go along. Thus stay tuned for some further updates as they may come along.

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