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Blog-Spotting with IBM

If you remember, a couple of days ago I created a weblog post around the subject Who Is Afraid of the Big, Bad Weblog and over there I indicated how for the last few months, if not years already, it has become evident that no matter how large or how small your company may be you cannot longer ignore the different conversations taking place in the Blogosphere, amongst other means of sharing knowledge and information out there in the Internet.

Well, the next question now is what can be done in order to track those weblogs that talk about your company, your products, your services and so forth, amongst the millions and millions of weblog posts that are already available? And if on top of that you take into account the different conversations taking place in Wikis, forums, newsgroups, etc. etc. then it will certainly become a rather cumbersome task and all of that for the sake of keeping up to date with them. Is it worth while ?, you may be wondering. I would think so. I would very much think so, indeed. But what can we do to scan through all of that information resources available to us?

I am not sure how it is all going to come out but this just looks like perfect timing. Check out Blog-Spotting With IBM over at Internetnews where you can read how very shortly IBM will be providing such service using Public Image Monitoring Solution, based on WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition. Yes, indeed, keeping track of what people out there say about your company and your products is just about to take a new approach and make things easier. A whole lot easier, I must say. And I will surely be glad to follow up on it and see how it will all work out in the end. Because the sooner we get a better grasp of the different conversations, the better. Wouldn’t you think so ?

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