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Content Management Taken to the Extreme ?

That is exactly what I thought about, folks, as soon as I read about the recent announcement on ZDNet (Google touts new features in desktop tool) on the latest release of Google Desktop Search version 2.

Say, for instance, that you have got a whole bunch of e-mails, IM conversations, presentations, word processing documents, local Lotus Notes databases, PDF files and a whole bunch of other stuff that you have been accumulating for quite some time now. I am sure that you would agree that in most cases it would probably take you quite some time to search for what you were looking for. And in such an on demand world as today I doubt we would be able to afford having to spend hours and hours searching for your own content, without even going into the Internet to get some more.

In a world where we may be working with a number of disperse team members, having always access to the right information at the right time and in the right context  (Does that ring a bell ?) could become key towards the success of that interaction. That exchange of knowledge and information cannot longer reside on waiting for ages to find the documents you need. That is something from the past. Managing your content has now become much easier than ever before. And therefore people have got the opportunity to focus more on collaborating with others and sharing knowledge than just search for their own information.

And this is the case where Google Desktop Search version 2 comes into place. I know that there are other different options out there like Copernic Desktop Search or Blinkx, to mention a couple of them, and they may be even better than Google’s option. In fact, I have been trying Copernic’s and Blinkx’s offerings and I have been quite content with them for a long while now. However, ever since I decided to take Google Desktop Search version 2 for a spin I haven’t looked back. It provides me with all I need to continue working with my teams in such a way that information is available right away as we speak and in front of my screen. That on demand thing strikes again ! And instead of having to figure out where the information is stored I can just get it right on the spot with a relatively simple search query.

But the tipping point that made never go back from GDSv2 is the fact with this newest version it allows me to index all of the different file types from the commonest applications I use on a daily basis plus all my local Lotus Notes databases, too ! Which is just all I need to be able to manage my content in a seamless way and with me always in control.

So whoever else out there was saying they cannot longer manage the information they have stored in their computers I guess it would be a good option to give a try to Google Desktop Search version 2. It may work for you, or it may not work. One thing for sure is that “Knowledge is Power” and now you are in control of that power. So go and use it !

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