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Best RSS Search Engines and Directories to Submit to: The RSSTop55 Premium Is Out !

Exactly about a week ago I was weblogging about how after I was done with the migration of content from one weblog to another it was about time to drive some more weblog traffic to take place and right there I shared a couple of other weblog posts but also one of the best online resources I have found so far to help you promote your weblog and increase its readership by others. That was the weblog post created by Robin Good on  RSSTop55 – Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission.

Well, while I have been catching up with some of my RSS Newsfeeds I have just bumped into the following weblog post, also by Robin: Best RSS Search Engines And Directories To Submit to: The RSSTop55 Premium Is Out! Ok, I know what is the first thing you are going to say about it. It costs money. Yes, indeed ! But where else are you going to find such a vast amount of information and resources on how to promote your weblog? Where else are you going to find that job done for you within minutes ? I guess that it will be slightly difficult to go by without having to check out Robin’s guide.

I must say that I haven’t bought it yet, since I am quite content with the readership of my weblog at the moment, but if I would ever want to get busier with some heavy promoting then I will surely have a look and buy a copy of his work. Just going through the recent comments you can see that this comprehensive guide is a must-have for those folks who would want to continue spreading the message about their own weblog.

Either way, even though I may not have bought it yet, I bet it is a safe bet to acquire a copy and start learning a few tricks on how to promote your weblog, so if you are ever looking for a good reference you could use and for some little money, then Robin’s Best RSS Search Engines And Directories To Submit to: The RSSTop55 Premium Is Out! is one of the best options out there !

Thanks very much, Robin !, for putting together such a comprehensive approach towards weblog promotion out on the Internet. Great piece of work !

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