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Podcast : IBM and the Future of Our Past

Now that I have finished with the migration of the contents from my previous weblog into elsua I think it is about time that I get to weblog about something that happened a little while ago and that I am sure you have seen it already. But just in case, here it goes: IBM Podcast: The Future of Our Past is now available for download. Yes, there is a new IBM Podcast available (Actually there are two of them but let’s just go one step at a time, folks. Next post will be related to the last IBM podcast available) and ready for download over at IBM Investor Relations and I must say that I listened to it a few days ago with some great interest, specially when I saw it in a local TV news station about the importance of such project for the entire human race in order to be able to answer the questions that so far haven’t found an answer. At least, not yet.

And I must say that I enjoyed it quite a bit. It is surely a very informative way of getting to know what is behind the scenes of the Genographic Project. More importantly it comes to discuss all the ins and outs of the project and, although initially I wasn’t really interested in joining up the effort, after listening to the Podcast I am seriously thinking about jumping in and join the rest of the thousands and thousands of people who have already participated in the project. Yes, it is that fascinating and will certainly trigger you wanting to know more about your own origins. Who would have thought that Dr. Spencer Wells ancestors were traceable back to England, then Northern Spain, Central Asia, Middle East and then Africa, back to where it all begun. Amazing !

At the end of the day the project is just about finding some more about our own history through our own DNA, trying to make a connection with other people across the globe. One of the other good things to know about, and this is something that Ajay Royyuru explains very clearly, is IBM’s commitment towards making that data secure and keeping it secure. That is why if you may have been a little bit reluctant in the past about not joining the initiative, you may want to listen to the podcast and see what it is mentioned on that same subject. The questions of where and when did we originate ? are really some of those questions you know you have been asking yourself all along, and although the Genographic Project may not provide you with all the answers it will certainly get things started. After all, and like it is mentioned in the Podcast itself, it is all motivated by an effort to understand diversity, global diversity, our global diversity. And through the use of genetics we may eventually make it in the end. It is all surely motivated by an effort to find out what is the best way of connecting with the community and help answer some of those questions. Thus why not ?

Again, if you have 10 spare minutes during the course of the day I highly recommend you have a look and listen to IBM’s podcast: The Future of Our Past. You will enjoy it. At least, I did.

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