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Today Is the Day When I Am Dumping Microsoft Office Suite for Good

Well, actually, that was a few days ago ! As mentioned already over at /. OpenOffice.org 2.0 has finally been released ! Just in case you may not have seen the announcement head over to OpenOffice.org to check out the final 2.0 release of one of those special pieces of software that can certainly change the way you handle documents in your computer forever. Arstechnica talks about the release with some interesting comments. And so does CNET on OpenOffice celebrates turning 2.0. Even WikiNews had a featured article about it not long ago.

I must say that I have been using OpenOffice 1.1.4 in my home computer for quite some time now and although there were some glitches here and there I was still able to make it through successfully and handle any kind of Office document. I have been weblogging about OpenOffice internally a few times already and although I didn’t have it installed in my work computer I have always been a big advocate of the suite, specially for home users. But things are about to get better now, because with the new release of OpenOffice you could certainly see that the professional look and feel of the application plus its integration with everything else is just state of the art.

Thus a few days back I made an important decision as far as what gets used on my work machine in order to handle my Office documents. And from now onwards I have decided to use OpenOffice and leave the Microsoft Office Suite alone for good ! Maybe you should think about it, too. Why not? I have been playing with v.2.0 for a bit over a week now and I must say that I love the experience. It loads a lot faster than previous versions, it has got all the bells and whistles you can imagine and it is as intuitive as it has always been, with the addition that the professional look and feel of handling Office documents is now much more natural. I love it ! Yes, I have made a tough decision, you may say, but it is one of those decisions that would help me become less dependent from Microsoft products; But now things have changed. The decision has been made and from this moment onwards OpenOffice is my default application suite to handle Office documents. How about you ?

Oh, you may be wondering what may be happening if you make the move, right? How much of a difference that would be from what you have been using already for years. Well, I can only say that you will hardly notice it. But even if you want to do some additional reading before you make the move I would strongly suggest you give a good read to this particular web site: Open Office 2.0 Kicks MS Office Around the Block. It will make you think and wonder why you didn’t make the move way before, but now that the release 2.0 is there, why not? Why not move into a piece of software that would make you even much more productive than before at the same time that you are one step closer towards embracing open source standards . So what is your excuse? Have you moved already towards OpenOffice? What are you waiting for ?

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