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Weblog Content Migration Is Now Finished

Ok, folks, that was it ! As you may have been able to see over the last four days I have been rather busy moving all the content from my older weblog into the new one and I am now happy to announce that migration has been completed ! So you will no longer get in your feeds over 30 weblog posts a day, or something like that, from elsua.

What you will be able to notice as well is that I have not moved all of the different weblog posts but those which I thought would still be relevant to the purpose of this particular weblog. At the same time you will also be able to see that I have updated all the different URL links to make sure they would all be working and I have also added for each of those migrated weblog entries the following sentence:  (Migrated weblog post from LSR). That way you can see that the content was already available at my former weblog. I still need to decide what I will be doing about the different comments posted in my former weblog but for the time being I will leave them where they are and see what I would want to do with them.

With all that said and now that the migration is complete I will continue with my weblog in the same way as before I got started with the migration, sharing, at least, one or two weblog posts a day so that you would have something to read on a daily basis.

Once again, and from here, I want to thank the folks where I am hosting my weblog and also the Admins from Blogsome for making this migration so much easier than whatever else I had anticipated from the very first beginning. Thanks a lot, folks ! Much appreciated all your help and committed support.

Let’s now move on !

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  1. Hello shri and welcome to elsua. Glad you could make it ! Well, since you seem to know me already from my former weblog I guess it would just require a little bit of further digging out what it actually means. It has got some connotations from something I have been using all the time, and not just for this particular weblog but for a couple of others. So once you establish a connection between all of them you will find out the real meaning of elsua. It is a lot closer home than what you may be thinking 😉

    Thanks again for the feedback, shri, and welcome aboard !

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