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Qumana Survey

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Phew ! That took some time ! Indeed, yesterday I received an e-mail from the folks over at Qumana inviting webloggers who may have been using this weblogging tool to provide some input on what we think about this weblogging tool in our daily weblogging experience and I just couldn’t help chiming in. You know that I have been weblogging in the past about Qumana and although it may not be my default weblogging tool, at least, not just yet, I still think it was worth while going through the exercise so that I could share some of the features I would like to have so that it then becomes my default weblogging tool.

Thus I took the Qumana survey. And I enjoyed going through the different questions as I felt that they were asking the right ones. Maybe the survey was a little bit too long though; it could have done with a couple less sections but still I thought it had the right pace and was asking the right set of questions to seriously increase Qumana‘s usability. There were some very interesting questions that I am not going to reveal over here, you will have to go and take the survey (About 20 minutes long), but they got me thinking about a number of topics that I will certainly be weblogging about as time goes by.

One of the items that I noticed though is that the Qumana folks actually hosted the survey using a service called SurveyMonkey, one of my favourite web tools out there to conduct surveys free of charge, for some basic functionality, but very powerful options, if you pay a little bit extra more. The result of a good survey where you can work with all the different results in a very efficient way is something very important and I know that SurveyMonkey actually provides this kind of service so I am looking forward to seeing the results evaluated and, most importantly, watch out further on the different enhancements in future versions.

So if you are a regular user of Qumana and would like to see some further improvements and some new features I would think that your best chance is to take the survey and provide all those great ideas you may have about improving the tool. After all that is the whole purpose of the tool, that it gets better and better by the day and without our feedback I doubt it would ever get anywhere. Besides that, you may want to complete the survey if you want to be entered in a draw to win one of four licensed copies of Lektora. Humm, maybe I will weblog about Lektora some time later on. We shall see.

Thanks, again, Qumana team for taking the time to listen to our needs and for trying to improve things further. I wish other application / tool owners would do the same thing you have just done ! Kudos to Qumana !

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