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Power Napping for Improved Productivity

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Up to not long ago, everybody thought that a well established custom like the Spanish siesta was just made up for lazy people so that they would have a good excuse with which they could avoid work or the heat during the course of the day. However, that preconception may have changed already. At least, that is what can be read in this interesting article: Power Napping for Improved Productivity.

According to the article researchers have found that it is actually quite a productive task taking an afternoon nap of between 20 to 30 minutes in order to then improve your alertness for the rest of the day. And although I actually never thought about it I am glad to hear we will finally be able to get rid of that negative connotation for something that could well be very beneficial all along.

Here in Spain the siesta has always been popular not only to avoid the high temperatures during the course of the early afternoon, specially in summer times, but also as a way to unwind from whatever is happening around yourself so that you can gain focus again whenever you try to come back to your daily tasks. And although I must say that during the course of the week I do not make much use of the siestas I find them really comforting over the weekend, so I eventually take one or two throughout.

And since we always seem to be looking out for scientific proof of almost everything Power Napping for Improved Productivity actually provides us with some kind of certainty that many other cultures have already been enjoying for quite a few years now. About time ! 😉

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  1. Ha ! Not a chance, Dennis ! That is where all the fun starts. Actually I am not sure what the origins would be for the siesta here in Spain, but one thing for sure is that for quite some time now people have made use of that time to do other stuff, not very much related to work, during the midday, and then towards the early afternoon head over to the office till the rest of the day is finished.

    However, I must say that things may be changing a little bit now because more and more companies are actually encouraging employees to start working earlier in the morning with a shorter break for lunch and therefore the subsequent siesta and then they would leave home earlier as well, which means they would be able to get their share of the siesta without having to return back to work. Interesting concept that I am not sure how it would work in the end. I know, for instance, that is how most European countries operate, but we will have to wait and see if Spaniards would be able to adapt to that schedule or rather stick with those extended siesta breaks to then finish off their work day very late in the evening, contrary to what happens in whatever other European countries.

    Either way, thanks again for the feedback comments and for dropping by !

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