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PodProducer – The Tool for the Podcaster

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Not long ago, if you remember, I created a weblog post on a really nice application called Ziepod, created by the Newzie team, that would allow people to manage and play their favourite Podcasts. Seeing the hype behind podcasting as one of the most powerful Knowledge Management tools currently available, specially for the dispersed and remote teams, that would still need to have access to information and intellectual capital, I thought I would go ahead and share with you folks one application that I have discovered recently and which provides a unique experience when creating your own podcasts.

It is called PodProducer and you can download it from here. You can see as well some screen shots over here.. Apart from the fact that it is Freeware it is relatively easy to use and its user interface is rather friendly and intuitive. From all of the different options out there I doubt there would be a better application to achieve the same quality of podcasting with the same ease of use as with PodProducer. Audacity may be another good option, for sure, maybe even better for handling and managing .mp3 files, but PodProducer still offers a whole lot more functionality.

If you are looking for a Podcasting tool that would allow you to enjoy a very friendly user interface plus a whole bunch of additional features, most of which are in most cases available for shareware programmes only, I can certainly recommend you take a look into PodProducer as I am sure you will like both the experience and the end-results.

If you are wondering if I would be doing some podcasts here in my external weblog I am afraid that at this point in time I am not going to be doing them and although I do not discard that possibility for the near future it will not be taking place in the short-term. At the moment, I am quite comfortable with writing my weblog posts and as time goes by if there is a need for me to try it out I can certainly say that PodProducer would be my first choice. Followed probably by Audacity.

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