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Next Generation Blogging Platform Previews

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If earlier on today I was talking about Blogging Means Business I would think you would also be interested in the following article by eWeek: Next-Generation Blogging Platform Previews. According to the article, it looks like SixApart has been very busy on a new, and very innovative, weblogging platform (Named Project Comet) that will become available in early 2006.

I am not sure why but I have never been a big fan of everything behind SixApart regarding weblogging; call it TypePad, MovableType or LiveJournal, whatever. I have never found them appealing enough to give them a try out. However, after I have read the eWeek news article, I may change that opinion very soon. You may be wondering why, right ? Well, mainly because of a couple of comments mentioned throughout the news article:

“Six Apart executives envision the blog evolving into a personal communication tool rather than an exclusively public medium”


“Interactivity and community building features will be emphasized in the company’s new service, with special focus on the ability to aggregate several separate blogs into a single screen, either in whole or just in sections”

I really think that those two comments regarding some of the different new features would probably be the ones that would make SixApart’s next release a very interesting phenomenon to watch on how it is going to paint itself in the Blogosphere. I wouldn’t necessarily think that it would be of a primary interest to family members and friends alone to have a weblog under this new weblogging platform. All the other way around. I think that businesses would also be having an additional interest in it. More than anything else from the perspective where we would be able to see how SixApart is trying to fill in a gap in the Knowledge Management, Communities and Collaboration areas by providing a platform where people would be executing more on that new trend called Personal Knowledge Management. But at the same time that would not become an individual effort on its own, since it would also allow webloggers to tap into other people’s weblogs and create a connection, that is, the purest form of a community.

And that, to me, is what will make Project Comet a very interesting initiative to follow up on as it will be creating a cross link between how webloggers work with their own weblogs and their audiences and other webloggers through the creation of informal communities of weblogs. WOW! Exciting, eh? Well, we will just have to wait and see how it goes further, but one thing for sure is that this is not going to be the last time I will be weblogging about this particular topic since I know we will have great things awaiting for us with the new upgrade. We will just have to wait and see how that will shape up. Thus stay tuned !

… And then I will find out myself if I am ready to dive into SixApart or stay with WordPress, so far my favourite weblogging platform.

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