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IBM Launches ”Transition to Teaching” Program

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

I know that a few of my IBM colleagues have been weblogging about this topic very recently, and quite a few other folks, too, and also that there are tons of news web sites reporting on this very same item all over the place. However, and being myself an (English) teacher I just couldn’t help commenting on it as well. Indeed, I am talking about IBM Launches ”Transition to Teaching” Program. After having read that article over the weekend, amongst all of the other news web sites and weblog posts, I just couldn’t help but feel proud that there is one big company, the one I happen to work for, that cares more about the future than the present. The fact that IBM is encouraging its employees to become teachers of the workers of tomorrow is just something that not many companies can show off about.

I know I would have loved to be able to have met all the prerequisites to become one of those IBMers who ended up as a teacher, but alas out of the different prerequisites I may just comply with a couple of them, plus the fact that I do not live in the US, obviously. I have always been thinking what it would be like to go back to teaching after 10 years being away from it. I still have got that urge that teachers do have (You can never get rid of it) about wanting to make a difference with the students of today and the rulers of tomorrow’s world. And that is why I take my pride with IBM for being the first large corporation on its way into making a difference now that will pay off in a few years. There are very few things that could make me feel so excited at this new initiative and I do seriously hope that it is a great success and that it gets extended into other countries where I am sure that there is a need for some teachers.

I shall be looking forward to further announcements and developments and see how things will develop. One thing for sure is that whoever thought that IBM was no longer making a difference should think about it twice. IBM has, once again, proved that sometimes life it is not just about business, making money, lots of money, and so forth. Sometimes it is just reaching out and touching the world to make it a better place. And I just wished there would be others who would act the same way. Kudos to you, IBM ! We will be very grateful to you in the years to come !

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