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HealthNex – IBMers On The Building Blocks of Connected Care

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I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to welcome to the Internet Blogosphere one of those weblogs that can certainly make a difference not only in our businesses but also in our own personal world. If you have got an additional interest about anything related to Health care and Health, in general, then you should add to your Blogroll HealthNex.

HealthNex is the latest IBM addition to the Internet Blogosphere and in it you will find some very interesting, and thought provoking, weblog posts from some IBM execs, and other high profile colleagues, talking about stuff like “Electronic Health Records, Information-Based Medicine, e-Prescriptions, & The Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem“. I know I have always had an additional interest on the topic and have been following a number of different trends on the IBM Intranet, but the fact that IBM has gone external on this particular topic, and using a weblog, just indicates how seriously IBM is taking weblogging as an interactive and collaborative medium to boost conversations in multiple layers. Everybody has been encouraged to actively engage with the Blogosphere. And HealthNex is the latest addition to the external IBM weblogging wagon.

I will be certainly keeping an eye on that particular weblog and will be looking forward to some of the discussions that will be taking place. So far I have enjoyed reading Combating Disease with Innovation and BioBanking 101: Accelerating Personalized Medicine. Fascinating, indeed ! And worth while adding to your Blogroll if you are into such topics.

Thus welcome aboard HealthNex !

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