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Blogging Means Business

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You have probably seen this already, as it was published during the course of yesterday, but, just in case, you may not have seen it yet, over at IBM – On Demand Business there is a very interesting article about an interview with both IBM executives Harriet Pearson and Willy Chiu around the topic of weblogs: Blogging Means Business.

There have been a couple of people already weblogging on the topic, including BL Ochman and Neville Hobson, and I have just watched and listened to the interview and I can seriously recommend it to anybody who feels that corporate weblogging is not as important and key as they may have expected. Certainly, after you have watched and listened to the interview your opinion about weblogs will be different. I am sure. Both Harriet and Willy have always been inspiring enough to deliver very powerful messages and this time around they have done it again. Just to give you a quick excerpt of what they both talked about in Blogging Means Business here you have got a couple of random thoughts taken out of the interview about what weblogging means for IBM:

Weblogs is all about sharing expertise, building (And maintaining) a connection between different people with similar interests. A key element though is to keep on listening ! Listening to people who have got something to say about you, your product, your company, you name it. You cannot longer ignore the weblogging phenomenon. Yes, indeed, this is something that I have been mentioning myself for quite some time now.

Weblogs is all about how open do you want your company to be as you will be communicating with the whole world, whether you have an Intranet or an Internet weblog. Having weblogs will create customer loyalty, they will speed up innovation, team and different collaborative services. In short, “Weblogging is the glue that brings all the experts together within the company”, and beyond.

Lots of good information out there, indeed, folks, including as well some statistics on the number of IBM internal weblogs. A must watch if you are planning to get into weblogs, but do not know enough on how to get things going, as another powerful enabler to encourage people to collaborate and share knowledge with one another in a much more intuitive and direct way.

Thus with all that said I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both Willy and Harriet for taking the initiative to show how committed IBM is to weblogging. And as far as the credibility from both Harriet and Willy is concerned, since they do not have an external weblog (Yet), I can only say that having one of the first Intranet weblogs myself I have always found their own internal weblogs very inspiring about what the whole phenomenon of weblogging is all about. I am sure that sooner or later, at one point or another, they will dive into creating their own external weblogs and continue delivering those key messages on how beneficial weblogging can be for any company who wants to be open. So stay tuned !

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