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And Off We Go with Another Rumour – Is It not That Fun or What ?

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Yes, I know, I know. Rumours are not a good thing and we can see that in a previous occasion where I mentioned briefly the potential acquisition of Meetro by Google it didn’t end up with the expected results, to say the least.

However, this time there may be something going on that I am not sure if it could be considered an unfounded rumour or not. Thing is that there is a whole bunch of web sites, even /., that talk about it all over the place; they are saying that eBay is having some talks to buy Skype and although, according to Kat James, “We’re not commenting on rumors” somehow I feel that there may be something else that is going on behind the scenes. Otherwise why would quite a lot of trusted web sites mention in extensive articles the fact that those talks are taking place.

I am not sure how it will all turn out to be but for the time being eBay’s shares have fallen nearly 4 percent after these news came to light. And whenever that happens it must be because of something. I am not expert in the field but I can certainly see that something is going on and that over the next few days we may be hearing what is actually happening. Thus the wait builds up, the rumour spreads around like crazy and the rest of us, mundane end-users, will have got some good fun with the good old rumours.

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