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Ziepod – Podcast Receiver and Player

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Despite what lots of people have been saying for some time now, one of my favourite RSS Newsfeed readers is Newzie. Maybe one of these days I will talk about it and share with you folks why I like it so much. However, this weblog post has got another subject. And that is that the same group of developers who are behind Newzie have now created and launched Ziepod, the podcast receiver and player.

As far as I could see not many people have been weblogging about this lovely application other than a couple of weblogs here and there. Yet, I have been playing with it for a few days now and just like with Newzie I really enjoyed the experience.

I know it is not like iTunes or the iPod but I must say that what it does, it does it really well. Ziepod is a freeware (Yes, I know a big plus already) application that allows you to receive and play podcasts directly into your computer. And although people may think why you would want to do that I still love the opportunity to be able to listen to podcasts directly from my computer. Why not? If I am going to spend a few hours a day working behind it I might as well enjoy the podcasting experience using Ziepod.

However, what I really like about this new offering is how easy it is to use. In no time you have got it installed and ready to go. You can then start searching for Podcasts using another superb offering from the Newzie Team called Feedzie, that actually allows you to search for text feeds or for audio feeds and add them rather to Newzie or Ziepod, respectively.

Then the user interface is just out of this world. Depending on what you are trying to do while you are busy with your computer you can choose up to four different modes that would take more or less space from your Desktop. Really nice. I love it. I can certainly define how intrusive it would be with what I am currently busy with and that, to me, is a big plus as it would allow me to focus on what I am doing while I am listening to some great podcasts. Excellent stuff. You can download the application from here and if you go into the homepage you will be able to see the Ziepod Rating Charts where Ziepod end-users could share their ratings on their favourite podcasts. This way you would be able to build a great selection of items to listen to and enjoy while you go through the day doing some work in front of your computer(s).

So, certainly, if you are looking for a desktop podcasting tool that would allow you to receive and play podcasts and you do not want any complicated application that can clutter your machine then I strongly suggest you give a try to Ziepod. You will like it. I am sure. Pretty much like ñblog, Brian Benzinger (Solution Match) or myself have been able to experience so far.

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