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Why Knowledge Management Is So Important

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Last week Thursday I shared over at my Intranet weblog a post about what I think is one of the best articles regarding what Knowledge Management is all about in the recent years. A constant reminder of what we, Knowledge Workers, should be striving for when being faced with business leaders who want to try to implement successfully a so-called Knowledge Management strategy.

The article itself, of course, comes from Dave Pollard’s weblog and it is titled Why Knowledge Management is So Important. And as I said before there is no other article so clear and so strong in providing the right messages about what Knowledge Management is all about. Throughout the article you will get a chance to see an interesting comparison between what business leaders do and what KM leaders dealing with KM do. Interesting comparison, indeed, more than anything else because it places people, business and KM leaders alike, in their right spot to try to get the most out of KM: business leaders should dedicate their time to lead the business whereas KM leaders should be left alone to adopt and implement a successful KM strategy.

At the same time, and throughout the article, you will also get to read some really good hard facts about what would happen if KM continues to lose its focus in the current business environment and how refocusing in most of those items back again will bring back KM into playing a crucial role for the course of this century: the business transformation from a labour based model to an asset based model.

Thus if you ever want to know what Knowledge Management is all about and, specially what KM is not, then I would highly recommend you have a look into Why Knowledge Management is So Important. A must-read for sure.

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