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The Unofficial List of IBM Bloggers

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Elias, one of my IBM colleagues, has been busy the last couple of days building up an index of other IBMers who are maintaining an external weblog. The Unofficial List of IBM Bloggers is available over here, so if you are looking for information on what IBMers are doing out there in the Blogosphere, or if you are looking for a number of weblogs to subscribe yourself to from people talking about IBM related topics, amongst other things, then this Unofficial List of IBM Bloggers would probably be the best option out there.

You will also notice from that weblog post that another colleague of mine, Jean-Francois, has actually also collected a list of IBM webloggers that he is following. You can find that list over here and also you can download both lists as an OPML file that you can include in your favourite RSS Newsfeed reader. I am sure that as time goes by both lists would continue to grow up further so you may as well stay tuned to further updates and see how they continue to grow over time.

So, as you can see, a good bunch of lists on IBM Bloggers are getting together in the Blogosphere and, hopefully, they will grow further to try to bring us all together and have a much more active presence than what may have been happening so far. Thus stay tuned for further updates on each of these lists as they are bound to continue growing over the next couple of months. Way to go, folks ! Nice work !

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