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Sometimes the World Isn’t Just the US, Is It? – Part Deux

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

I cannot believe this is happening. Again. Really. Some time ago I weblogged about how Google introduced a superb new offering that allowed people to personalise their own homepages, regardless of where they would be working or what machine they would be using, just simply launching the Personalised Home and right then I mentioned that while it surely was a superb new offering for web surfers it still fail to provide some good value add for people outside of the US. Yes, the rest of the world.

So when I read the article in Slashdot this morning I just couldn’t help taking another look into my Personalised Home and see if the so-called new improvements would have something like going global. So after I spent a few minutes checking out the new features and also configuring some of them I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed that for some of the options I was most interested in I keep on getting the “Information is temporarily unavailable.” message.

I guess that I was expecting a bit too much, after all, going global is not an easy task. Maybe I expected a bit too much because of all of the other cool things that have just been keeping Google busy over the last few months. But when I thought there was another offering that this time around would be available to non-US employees as well after the so-called upgrade I guessed things would be different, but they weren’t. At least, not yet. Let’s hope that in the near future this may well happen because otherwise I cannot see how this great offering from Google will pick up a good global critical mass to continue with further improvements.

We shall see what happens on the next upgrade. So Google, are you listening ?

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