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Social Networking Breaks the Ice – Google Acquires Meetroduction

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Not long ago I wrote a weblog entry where I was sharing my experiences about one of the latest, probably somewhat most interesting IM clients out there that was bringing together IM and location-awareness. That IM client was Meetro and back then I was mentioning that I would be watching over the next few months how it would develop further.

Well, it looks like I may not have to wait for that long as there are a number of folks out there who are now saying that Meetro is facing some interesting times. Nothing less than an acquisition from Google. Although there are no official news out there just yet, it may happen during the course of this week, it would certainly not come as too much of a news item. More than anything else because IM may be the only thing that Google was missing from the whole range of different offerings that it currently offers.

So if that acquisition takes place it would certainly be an interesting period of time for us all over the next couple of months or so, just to check what the Google folks would be doing to this IM client. Can you imagine if it would be integrated with the Google Personalised Home, or if it would be integrated with GoogleMaps (Pretty much like Plazes does), or even if it gets further integrated with whatever of the other different current offerings Google has. The possibilities are endless and if any of this comes out just right then I would think that all the other IMs would have a lot to worry about. And Google decides to add VoIP to Meetro then we would have in front of us, may be, one of the best real-time, location-awareness, collaboration tools that might be available out there. What do you think ? Am I am dreaming a bit ? Or could it really happen ?

I guess we would find out very shortly. So stay tuned for some further updates whenever they come through. Can’t wait !

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