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Social Networking Breaks the Ice – Google Acquires Meetroduction: Not a Happy Ending … Yet

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Earlier on this week I created a weblog post about the recent rumours of Google potentially acquiring Meetro and it seems like all of those rumours were wrong after all. At least, that is what we can read all over the place on the Internet.

Indeed, those rumours may be wrong, we have seen that before quite a few times, however, I am not so sure for how long. As I have mentioned earlier on the week, Google needs to have an introduction into the IM world and sooner or later it would look for potential candidates to join forces and come out with an integrated IM client for the already existing offerings it currently has. It makes sense. If Google has been putting together a number of different applications together that could well be built into a single platform it is still missing that IM component that will make things click. That online awareness that does not happen in other applications that will bring people together under the same scope of Google applications.

As I said it makes sense that Google will still be interested in acquiring an IM client, but then again Meetro may not have been the right candidate. On the other hand, if Meetro was looking for some momentum to try to increase their critical mass, they certainly have done so, and big time. Because everybody is talking about it now. So maybe that was the original intent of the rumour. To just create some publicity about Meetro with some big players so that people would turn back to it and give it a try. It seems to have worked.

Anyway, as I said, Google might on the hunt, so we may need to just wait and see what would be happening next. It shouldn’t be too long before we hear the same thing again. And if not time will tell.

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