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Simple Single Sign-on

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

How many times have you had to type the same password all over the place to access whatever the application you would need to access? How many different passwords you have got for all those web sites or applications that you visit / use once or twice and by the third time you have already forgotten about it. A few times, right ? Yes, me, too. Well, there may be a quick, easy and effective solution to it and something that you would wonder how something so powerful yet could be made available in such a simple way.

Check out the screencast that Jon Udell created a couple of months ago that describes a superb way to keep your passwords in a central place and without having to worry too much, except for that one master password: Simple single sign-on.

Pretty neat, eh? Yes, that is also what I said. Password Generator was created by Nic Wolff and as I said there is no other solution easier than this to handle your passwords. There is even a Bookmarklet for it, which is what I am currently using at the moment (And quite happy with it, I must say), and for all the FireFox users out there are a couple of GreaseMonkey scripts available: Pwd Composer and Password Composer.

So if you are looking for a way to solve that ongoing problem of handling your several dozens of passwords do not look any further. Just use Password Generator after watching Jon Udell’s screencast on the subject. And you will realise how much time you have been wasting having to go through that tedious process of handling your passwords.

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