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Resistance Is Futile – I May As Well Embrace It

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That is just the weblog title from one my weblog entries in my Intranet weblog that I shared earlier on today. Indeed resistance is futile and I am very excited about it. For quite some time now I have always been able to resist the temptation of getting my hands on an iPod. I have been delaying it over and over again thinking that one day I will get myself one, but it would be one day.

Well, folks, that day may be sooner than what I had anticipated. I decided to actually get one by XMas as a present, but after the weekend I spent in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Link in Spanish), specially in Las Canteras beach, I decided I cannot wait any longer. So yesterday I have placed an order to get my iPod (The 60gb one!) and they are preparing the shipment already. So I should be getting it in 3 to 7 working days. I can’t wait !

But the excitement didn’t just end up there. When I weblogged about it in my Intranet weblog, I was asking also some of my colleagues to give some tips about how I could get the best out of the iPod, what other online resources were out there and how people were using this cool gadget. And right away I got a whole bunch of replies from some regular readers of my weblog telling me a number of different web links I should check out. Here they go:

  • iPodLounge
  • Everything iPod
  • iPod hacks
  • CopyCod
  • iPodWizard
  • Winamp iPod Plugin
  • Diggnation
  • This Week in Tech

    They also provided me with some tips on how I could get the most out of my iPod and while I have been reading about most of the stuff I am just amazed at the huge amount of resources there is. And this is where all the excitement is coming from. Not just from getting the iPod delivered to where I live but also the fact that there are lots of helpful resources out there that I can check out or Google around. And this is really good news because I was kind of weary that I wouldn’t be able to navigate through the thousands of web links, tips, tricks, etc. etc. out there, but by the looks of it I am off to a good start, at least, from what I can gather with the links I mentioned above already.

    However, I want to let this weblog post open somehow and if anybody out there from the elsua regular readers thinks there is a resource related to iPods that I should be aware of, or that it may well be a must-have link, I would appreciate if you would let me know by appending a comment or contacting me offline. Also I would be interested in hearing how you folks may have been using this great gadget in unsual ways, other than to store music, podcasts, etc. etc.

    Yes, indeed, I know, this is another newbie who has just succumbed to the temptation and will be assimilated by the iPod but I am planning to have lots of fun in the mean time. And you will get to find out later on as we go along how I am using it to continue gathering my thoughts around Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Communities (Got some ideas already ;-)) … Apart from having some additional good fun ! The countdown has just got started !

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